Six years ago, we started this wonderful journey called Yoga Kula. Our goal was to create a yoga family, which we did. Our students, past and present, are amazing people and we have been privileged to teach each of them. Yoga is a journey that has no destination, but the course of the journey changes at times. This portion of our journey has come to an end and we must change course and focus on other aspects of our lives. To that end, we are closing the studio at the end of October, with the final class being October 29th.

We have always preached to our students that they must take care of themselves in order to take care of others. However, we have not practiced that ourselves. It is time to take care of ourselves and to devote more time to our health. Although the studio is closing, it is our sincere hope and wish that we have had a lasting impact on many of the people who have practiced with us. We hope you will each continue your yoga practice in whatever manner you see fit and that you will continue to implement in your daily life any lessons that you may have learned while at Yoga Kula. And even though we will not see each other each week, we hope to stay in contact with many of you. You truly are family to us and to each other and we don’t want to lose that.

Thank you seems insufficient, but we will say it anyway. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the last six years. This journey has been a total labor of love on our parts and we are immensely richer for the experience. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to guide you and to have you all as part of our tribe. Namaste with love, Michelle and Kim

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