Awaken and Flow is an open class taught to all skill levels and is beginner friendly. It is a vinyasa-based class where poses flow from one to another in conjunction with the breath. Each class begins with sun salutations and is designed to challenge, strengthen and bring energy into the body.

Restorative/Gentle is an open class taught to all skill levels and is beginner friendly. Restorative yoga focuses on aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness or gentle movement for extended periods of time. It is a class designed with some restorative poses that are held longer to release tension in the body. All poses are focused on proper breath and alignment and props are used to assist in supporting certain poses. Each class moves between restorative poses and gentle poses to bring strength, energy, and relaxation into the body and revitalize the mind.

Yoga 101 is a beginner’s class by enrollment only. The focus is on proper breathing techniques, alignment of each pose, strength, flexibility, and focusing the mind. This is a six-week session that meets twice a week. Each class offers a breathing exercise or short meditation, followed by in-depth instruction of multiple poses. At the end of each class, a short sequence is taught that brings the poses together. Time is taken to insure that poses are aligned properly to each student’s body.

Yoga 202 is an intermediate class by enrollment only. This is a two week session that meets twice a week and is designed to serve as a bridge between Yoga 101 and the open classes. Several new poses are introduced, but the main focus is on feeling more comfortable with breathing and proper alignment in hour-long sequences. Yoga 101 is a pre-requisite to enroll in Yoga 202.

Yoga for Every Body is an open class taught to all skill levels and is beginner friendly. The focus is on proper alignment of each pose, and the class uses postures and breathing techniques to create a healthy body and focused mind. Postures are designed to open channels of the body in order to increase the flow of energy, and to stretch and align the body, promoting balance, strength and flexibility. Modifications are available for most postures in order to suit each student’s needs.