Yoga 101 is our beginner’s course and is by enrollment only. The focus in Yoga 101 is on proper breathing techniques, proper alignment of each pose, building strength and flexibility, and focusing the mind. This is a six-week session that meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8 pm. Each class offers a breathing exercise or short meditation, followed by in-depth instruction of multiple poses. At the end of each class, a short sequence is taught that brings the poses together. Each class builds upon the previous classes. The final two classes are full one-hour sequences which show students how poses connect and prepare them for the open classes.

On the Monday prior to the start of each session, we hold an introductory meeting at 5:30 pm. Each meeting lasts 45 minutes and is very informal. At the meeting, we discuss what yoga is, what to wear, what to bring, and how the classes are structured. The meeting also allows our new students to see the studio and meet the Yoga Kula staff. The cost for the entire session is $110. Students have the option to pay the entire amount at the introductory meeting or pay a non-refundable deposit of $50 at the meeting and the balance of $60 in the third class. In the event that a student can not attend the introductory meeting or enrolls after the meeting is held, the deposit must be paid at the time of enrollment (we will assist students in making payment arrangements).

Yoga 101 offers a safe, fun, and non-judgmental environment in which to learn yoga. We take time to insure that poses are aligned properly to each student’s body because our belief is the poses should be adapted to the individual body, not the body to the pose. We also use props to assist students in performing poses safely. There is plenty of time in each class to ask questions and address concerns of individual students. The instructor is also available after classes if additional assistance is needed in a particular pose.

Yoga 202 is our intermediate class and is by enrollment only.  This is a two week session that meets twice a week and is designed to serve as a bridge between Yoga 101 and the open classes. Several new poses are introduced, but the main focus is on feeling more comfortable with breathing and proper alignment in hour-long sequences. The cost for Yoga 202 is $55. A non-refundable $25 deposit is due when enrolling and the remaining $30 is due in the first class. Yoga 101 is a pre-requisite to enroll in Yoga 202.

The 2019 schedule of classes follows. Students may enroll in any class at any time up until the day the class starts (space permitting). Space is limited, however, and some classes fill up quickly. To enroll, call Kim Isaac at
(580)512-5779 or Michelle Anders at (580)574-8717. Once you’re enrolled, download our Yoga Kula Waiver and bring the completed form with you to the meeting.